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Reimagine Cross-Cloud

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all clouds, one API

Think bigger than multi-cloud, and get true cross-cloud capabilities out of the box.

With Hydra, you can leverage a single API to deploy and host your apps across all public cloud providers, private clouds, or both. Focus on app development and deployment, and allow us to provide:

  • Cloud agnosticism and security hardening
  • Real time cross-cloud failover
  • Regionalized load balancing
  • Hybrid cloud capabilities

hydra features

End to end encrypted

Redundancy and
disaster recovery

DNS configuration

Load balancing and real
time fail over

Distributed CDN

And more...

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hydra supports

White gloved services

In addition to cross-cloud capabilities, Hydra offers both high level advisory, as well as expert implementation work with entirely bespoke service engagements catered to your priorities. Whether security, resilience, or scale focused we can help.

“Working with Hydra has helped us to unlock the power of the cloud, with none of the downsides. Vendor lock in and resilience concerns are a thing of the past, and our security posture has greatly benefited.”